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GasAlertClip Extreme GasAlertClip Extreme
GA24XT-X O2 Detector

2 Year Disposable GAS DETECTOR

This mobile Gas Detector provides two years of continuous, maintenance-free protection from the day of activation. Ideal for high-moisture environments.

  • Display life remaining in months, days and hours
  • Display peak alarm exposures encountered
  • Daily self-test (auto and on demand)
  • Highly water resistant – IP 66/67 housing
  • Built on concussion proof boot
  • Event logging of all gas alarms detected
  • Equipped with two alarm levels and an internal vibrator
  • Compact and light, which makes it comfortable to wear
  • Clip it to your lapel, pocket, belt or hardhat for unequalled protection
  • PHYSICAL SIZE: 1.1 x 2.0 x 3.2 inches / 28 x 50 x 81 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 oz. / 76 g
  • WARRANTY: 2 years from activation

plus 1-year shelf life (given 3-5 minutes of alarm per day innormal operation)

Approvals / Certificates:

ATEX CE II 2 G, Ex Approval: Eex ia IIC T4, with -certificate

Product information sheet GasAlertClip Extreme (PDF File 292 KB)

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