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Safety at work

It becomes more and more important to observe the regulations of the "safety at work-Instructions", especially while dealing with invisible risks and deep temperatures, as CO2- Dry Ice (-79°C), Argon (-185°C), Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C).

Still the risks are underestimated and negated while handling ultra cold media and liquified gases for cooling procedures as quick-freezing, deep-temperature storaging in several laboratory and industrial applications.

Possible injuries, like hypothermia or cold-burings of the skin and tissue, are taken seriously mostly after excidents occurred.

Only a few remember what they once had learnt; e.g. the physical performance (expansion factor) of liquid nitrogen at room temperature – just one liter of liquid nitrogen will immediately generate 690 liter of a physiological inert gas.

Another wantonly negligent behaviour is, to store dewars, full with liquid nitrogen,
in small rooms without adequate ventilation.

To all users and safety persons in charge:

Protect yourselves and care for efficent protection of your employee.

The use of leather gloves in deep-temperature environments is dangerous and wantonly negligent!

Personal briefings and company directives are the base for safety assignments.
The instructions have to be followed and realized.

For English instructions, we suggest to have a look in some US-publications for safety instructions, working in cryogenic atmospheres and environments.

In the U.S., PPE - personal protective equipment is pre-requisite in science, medicine and industry to work for risky environments…

Personal Protective Equipment

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